Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hun Xen’s reaction to the “fake map” and the “fake Ruom Ritt”

Hun Xen claimed that he knows who Ruom Ritt is: he cannot talk and he is now ill (Photo: Sovannara, RFI)
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
By Ly Meng Huor
Source: Radio France Internationale
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy for KI-Media
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At the end, on Wednesday 24 Feb, PM Hun Xen couldn't help but to lash out his reaction to the loss of Cambodian territories along the Cambodia-Vietnam border. Hun Xen indicated that this is a case of “fake map” and “betrayal of the nation” that the government must legally sue. Today, Hun Xen also raised the case of the “fake Ruom Ritt” as well.
Hun Xen reacted, but he did not name Sam Rainsy directly. However, it is clear that the person aimed by Hun Xen is no other than Sam Rainsy, the opposition leader who published maps showing the location of the border delimitation stakes between Cambodia and Vietnam in Svay Rieng province that were planted on lands belonging to Cambodian farmers.
However, Hun Xen considered these maps to be fake and he declared that his regime will bring more charges to sue the opposition leader.
Hun Xen declared that the publication of these maps by Sam Rainsy is an act of betrayal of the nation because the government is busy with the aggression along the western border with Thailand, but Sam Rainsy is causing trouble along the eastern border with Vietnam instead.
In Sam Rainsy’s case, Hun Xen also warned diplomats in advance, telling them not to get involved in this case and not to accuse the government of silencing the opposition. He said that the opposition can still remain active in Cambodia, but there will be no pardon arrangement made for Sam Rainsy this time around.
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